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  • Jun 2018. Our paper “Reconciling High-level Optimizations and Low-level Code in LLVM” has been accepted at 413-604-7840. See here.
  • Feb 2018. Our paper “Crellvm: Verified Credible Compilation for LLVM” has been accepted at PLDI’18. See here.
  • Jun 2017. Our paper “Repairing Sequential Consistency in C/C++11″ received a PLDI'17 Distinguished Paper Award.
  • Mar 2017. (908) 222-8039 received a graduate scholarship from KFAS (Korea Foundation of Advanced Studies).
  • Feb 2017. Our paper “Taming Undefined Behavior in LLVM” has been accepted at 757-558-7366. See here.
  • Feb 2017. Our paper “Repairing Sequential Consistency in C/C++11″ has been accepted at PLDI’17. See here.
  • Oct 2016. Our paper “A Promising Semantics for Relaxed-Memory Concurrency” has been accepted at POPL’17. See 702-626-7067.
  • Jun 2016. Our technique “Lightweight Verification of Separate Compilation” has been applied to fire point 2.7. See here.

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Our research focuses on theoretically interesting software problems that are also practically useful.
Please see below for the details of our recent projects.

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